A Brand New Mountain Coaster

Mountain coaster is a system of adrenaline production by two-person coasters that move over rails which are installed on a slope. In a natural environment, factors of excitement and safety are maximized in design of the system that allows a downhill speed up to 40km/h by gravity only.


Rails may be designed in a length that varies between 700m and 4000m according to the span and inclination of the area. Average land slope must be minimum 7% (4°). Rails must be installed on supports in accordance with the topography of the land. Land may be levelled if necessary. Radii of the curves must comply with the standards and desired speed, and they may vary between 4m and 9m. Slope angle must be calculated accordingly to keep driving performance at the top level. Peaks and pits in the rail design allow different driving experiences. Trees and natural structures are preserved in design. Tunnels and bridges may be designed if necessary.

A unique sliding track is designed for each facility. Thus, drivers may develop extreme driving experiences in different curves. The system consists of rails, sleds, climbing conveyor, signalization system (automation) and a station building.

All wear and thermal deformations are taken into consideration in design of the rails, which are made of 316L stainless steel. In the entertainment tools industry, where user safety is the most important factor, engineering design of the rails is made to the finest details. Necessary precautions are taken to ensure environmental safety as well as user safety.


Ergonomically designed sleds can be used by 1 or 2 persons. The sleds are designed in a manner to allow children between ages 3 and 8 to drive together with an adult and children older than 8 to drive on their own. Thanks to the braking system, users may safely drive the sleds at the desired speed. When the braking system is not touched, the sleds automatically shift to automatic braking mode and they can only be speeded up intentionally. The sleds are equipped with safety belts. Safety belts cannot be released when the sleds are in motion. Automatic clutches prevent exceeding of the standard maximum speed, which is defined as 40 km/h. The sleds, which are finished with energy absorbing elegant bumpers, can be ordered in any color.

The automatic braking system which keeps the sleds on the rails at a distance is optional. The automatic braking system prevents sleds from approaching each other closer than 40m.

Climbing conveyor and/or sled lift

This system carries hanging sleds to the upper level with or without drivers. It may be designed up to 40% (22°) slope. Climbing speed may be adjusted according to the desired capacity.

Automation System with Emergency Brake
This is the system that controls the cars moving on rails, provides car data to the operator and ensures that cars approach each other slowly in case users fail to apply the brakes.
Station Building
The station building, which is designed according to the size of the project, includes the platform used for getting on and off the sleds and the operator conveyor. In addition, it also has a storage area, sled lifter and a maintenance area.

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